Thursday, 25 February 2010

Name dropping

Some celebrities what we met the other night while being in the audience of some comedy program coming out in... April, I think.

Strange thing is that I didn't even KNOW who this guy was properly until AFTER I'd asked him to take a photo with me. Why I wanted a photo with him in the first place then, I don't know. ACTUALLY, a guy I was with, Abu, was really impressed by this guy, found him very funny and I TRIED getting his attention to have his photo taken, but he was busy posing with... someone else. As it stood, I'd already got this guy's attention so I thought, why not?

My mate Abdul got Gok Wan and this other dude who I've never been too keen on.
He wasn't any good on the night either.

I don't think it's fair that Abdul took his photo with Gok Wan. While sitting down being presented with each of the celebrities at the start of the night, Gok Wan was introduced and the crowd began wailing and clapping and all that. Abdul looks at me and asks: Who is that?
Admittedly, I was like that with the guy I took my picture with too, so no biggie there. I replied, Gok Wan, from "How to Look Good Naked" on the telly.

Abdul still had a bit of a confused face on, but I ignored it.

He nudged me again. "What's up?" I asked.

"Umm. Is that a guy or a girl?"

In all fairness, I think we may have ALL had that problem when we first came across Gok Wan.

Incidentally, on the night, on of the comedians said of Gok Wan: I'd never take fashion advice from a guy whose name is an anagram for "Go Wank"


Anyway, I reckon that's enough from me, go wash your hands... Ya Filthy Vermin!


  1. What is it that made you smile when you took a photo of yourself with someone that you didn't even know?

    I mean, how do you do it?

  2. You know what, I was grinning because of the way I got the dude's attention:

    "Umm, Excuse me? Can I have a photo with you?"
    I did NOT even know the dude's name...

    How UTTERLY lame...

  3. ...Something.
    He's from "Bo Selecta"