Sunday, 14 February 2010

Graffiti on Facebook

Here's some graffiti I drew on Facebook. Some of the stuff people draw is amazing, I think I've improved some since I started.

So yeah, that's the original photo underneath. I think it's quite a good copy. Although admittedly, there are some AWESOME graffiti works that I can't even come close to comparing to. But those people suck.
I drew a picture for this blog! Wooo!

Check it, check it:

Again, I pretty much gave up towards the end. Well that and ALSO, my stupid computer/browser started slowing down after a while, which you might be able to tell through the fact that lines that were meant to be curved just registered as a bunch of straight lines. For example, the S...

I'm hungry now so I'm gonna scold myself for being tempted into eating.
Go enjoy an evening of free will.

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