Friday, 26 February 2010

Interview with the Police

One thing I would advise doing against all costs is not preparing for an interview for a job you'd actually quite like to have.
Yesterday, my friend Kris asked what I was doing today and I replied that I wasn't sure. I asked what the date was today and realized that I have my interview for the role of a special constable for the Met. I've been putting off preparing for my interview for... Well, since I got the interview weeks and weeks ago. And last night I put more effort into finding a good suit- I did find a good suit by the way, it was dapper (Charcoal Grey/Brown coloured suit with a black shirt, brown tie with some weird embroidery on it, brown belt and brown shoes)- than I did into getting ready for the questions. In fact, I didn't put ANY effort into preparing for the questions. At all. Which was silly because I totally got bum raped by the questions today. To put a nice cherry on top of the bumming the questions gave me, one of the last questions was: What did you do in order to prepare yourself for the role of Special Constable?

HAH!? Seriously a bad, bad idea. But all in all, I'm not that upset about flopping this interview- I find out for sure in the next 2 weeks whether I get the job- I'm more upset about the whole timing of the thing.

Don't ASSUME! Just because you THINK you read the time to be one o'clock that the interview IS at one.
SERIOUSLY! When in doubt double check. Even when not in doubt, STILL double check because you PROBABLY, don't remember what time the interview is from reading an invitation a few weeks ago...

Because apart from being incredibly lucky and getting there bang on time by coincidence, one of two things will happen. You will either turn up ridiculously late, get turned away and end up having wasted your day or have your chances of getting the job severely damaged.

OR.... WORSE STILL!!! You'll turn up flipping TWO hours EARLY!!! On the OTHER side of LONDON! With NOTHING to do with your day!!! Goddamn! What a bloody nightmare THAT was today. Turned up at ONE for an interview for THREE! What the heck man?! That's TWO hours sleep just GONE!

ARGH!!! I'm angry. I had other stuff to say that was actually really funny but I've forgotten because I wasted TWO HOURS! TWO HOURS!!
TWO HOURS!!!! I realized as soon as I stepped out of Hendon Station, wait, maybe I should read some of the paper work they've provided me with.... TWO HOURS EARLY!!!!! I just sat in a Costa and met up with Kris again, but STILL!!! TWO HOURS OF SLEEP!!

And when I ended up going IN the centre at twenty to three, the receptionist woman goes: Well, you've come a little early haven't you? Perhaps you should go wait in the canteen for ten minutes...

Woman... You don't know the half of it....

But the popo are REALLY stringent about the people they let in. They asked me the town my mother and father were born in, the county and the country...  HAH! Azaad Kashmire?! You'll be lucky to get town mate...

Anyway, like I said, I'm done. It's a Friday night, go plan your weekends out! Ensure this blog is visited, my visitor numbers dropped to an all time low these past two days.... :\
Not happy.


  1. You turned up EARLY?

    You would be a LOUSY police officer.

    But then again you say you flopped the interview so there might be hope for you yet.

    Yes, this is MY cheap shot at the system that you want to be part of.

  2. If you become a 'Special' Constable, i'm really not going to talk to you again.

  3. Hahahahahahaha!!
    I do really hope I get the job though...
    Why you hating for?

  4. Its people like you who make me wanna just give up.

    If you fight real crime then kudos to you mate but you ain't gonna. You're joining an organisation known for laxity.