Saturday, 20 February 2010

Shine On

9 comments on the post titled Gross, well done guys. Though admittedly, 5 of them were me. Damn, only 4 comments?! Come ON! Although, it IS a start, so well done there.

On the tail of that abrupt last post urging you to listen to my friend's radio show, I feel I should elaborate. No, actually I don't. It was quite clear; if you have a free afternoon or he opportunity to listen to a radio show in the background to whatever you're doing, pop on that show- you can listen online if you're outside of Brighton- and listen to some music and some rambling.
Simple. My spell check doesn't have the word online in it. How quaint.

I was mentioned left right and centre on today's radio show, even got the best listener award =D. Not because I've had to sleep with one of them or anything. Or pay them. Or sleep with and then pay.


Of course not!

Ah, but seriously, I haven't. Ah, I can't get myself out of this mess can I? Crap... Let's move swiftly on to the next topic...

My Cat's New Diet!
Soomie's become rather rotund of late so we've had to implement a fat-cat's diet on his ever expanding derrière. Which means ignoring most of his incessent meows for food and when we do feed him, pouring only tiny amounts into his bowl. It was funny the first time I rationed the amount of food I poured in. As I pulled away after putting the food in, he leaned in to tuck in, stopped and looked up to me as if still expecting the food to be poured in.

I love House, the telly show featuring Hugh Laurie as an eccentric doctor. I could go on about it, but what I'll point out on this occasion is that it has a REALLY good soundtrack. On the most recent episode that aired in America... I think it was last week... The episode revolved around a backing character; Cuddy. Who is well fit... And back to the point: There was an awesome song at the end of the episode! I'll post it here:

So yeah, that's a pretty cool song. One of many I've discovered because of the awesome-ness of the House soundtrack. Scrubs also has some pretty cool songs.

One thing that's lame about getting songs from soundtracks is that often, you don't know who the artist is, and upon deiscovering what they look like you're a bit miffed. I mean take OK Go for example; having heard here it goes again, I decided to check out the music video.

AWESOME! In fact, check it out:

Sorry about the quality, EMI actually have their official one up on youtube but I couldn't embed it here. But aside from the fact that the video is cool, the guy's in it don't look like they belong in a band! Aside from the two skinny ones that do...

Who else? The flobots. I liked their music until I saw them... I guess I still like Handlebars, but not as much as before...

I own a Superdry jacket which I bought over a year ago. Since then, I've become a fan of the company, even joining their official Facebook page. Recently, they announced their parent company, Supergroup was planning to list on the London Stock exchange. A chance to own a bit of the Superdry company?! :O Like hell am I gonna miss a chance like that! So off I went to their site, and in haste began planning to buy shares! Until I caught myself and realized I know very, very little about shares. Recently, I've tried having a conversation with my dad about buying shares, he used to own shares and did well enough off of them to pay off his mortgage easily. Which has always impressed me. BUT, when I approached him with questions, he just laughed and said there were some thing's he wasn't willing to tell me :O :O :O

!!!!!!!! Wha?!

Unfortunately, no amount of questioning would get him to budge, he merely insisted I look to China...

Back to my Superdry tale, I decided to do a bit of reading into investing, learning about risk, noticing how EVERYone insisted that diversifying my portfolio was the only sensible thing to do, rather than just investing in ONE thing... Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

One particular site, which was really helpful had also been hacked. One page in particular was a pitch black screen with writing on it saying something along the lines of:

This site has been hacked.
One Turkish dude against the world.
This site has been hacked.
Be prepared to see this page all over the internet!
This is my stand against the world!

I kid you not. What a fu*&%*g bellend.

But please don't attack my blog.

Anyway, I'm done here, go enjoy your evening.


  1. I skimmed this post.
    Upon reflection, I think it was a good idea to do so.

  2. Yeah to my radio show mention!
    To confirm he did NOT sleep with any of the presenters!

    Ussy, flobots? ok go? I think you need to get into the year are SO 2000 and LATE!


  3. I guess seeing as though you will be investing in the stock market that means you will be getting a using the superior WordPress content management system. Oh and the front page will be a log on page no doubt cluttered with adverts for mediocre Superdry jackets which people only buy cos other people "like" them. Not forgetting the all important "Subscribe" button.

    You sold out.

  4. Dude, I would sell my prostate gland for Superdry...

    And SERINA! I said they're band's I no longer like..... .... .....

    SO WHAT!? If I like music from the 1970's? And I think all this current chart stuff is just thinly veiled foreplay???

    I have TASTE!


    More comments, MORE!! Keep them COMING!!!! :O

  5. Why should anyone comment when the admin of looserballs is soon to be a multi-national corporation director driver his fanboy Merc S-Class with bullet proof windows because the people who made his blog survive are "beneath him"

  6. You guys! I'll never think of you as directly BENEATH me. There's at least... 4 layer's of people beneath me who are between me and YOU..

    Gah... Can you believe the NERVE of this guy!?

    Naw, you peeps are the bestest........


    Now buy Superdry; make me rich.

    But not yet.

    Wait till the shares go live. So buy in like... 3 months. But when you do... Buy like bunnies in a banging frenzy.

    And I'm not sure about the S-Class. The BMW 7 Series man... The 7 series..!

  7. You suckers would buy anything. Why don't you buy a Renault Laguna while your at it?