Sunday, 14 February 2010

Loco in akapoko, insane in the membrane

I am on the verge of being exceptionally late. But I have a lovable face so I'll be forgiven.
I just wanted to quickly point out- THREE separate Finnish people- from different PARTS of Finland, have typed in the phrase "We're giving away free Apple iPads" and have stumbled across my WONDERFUL blog.

I'm NOT giving any away dudes. But you lovable Finland-ers should totally stay on the blog, bookmark it, all that stuff because...

Just really. I don't know WHY people visit this blog actually. Is 'cause I'm purty?

"Tell me 'bout the rabbits George"

BAM! Right in the back of his noggin. Poor, poor, lovable, oafish Lenny. In our hearts and minds for ever. GONE, but never forgotten...

LOST, but always in our hearts.

Closer each day.
Home and away.

Sorry, I think I'm rambling because I accidently sprayed anti-perspirent straight up my nostril and I'm suffering from some sort of madness. I'll let you go.

Go eat a Zebra's hamstring, while walking a tightrope in You Nork.

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