Saturday, 27 February 2010

The rising darkness

And so it is... At present, the calm before the torrential downpour. The calm, steady breath taken before the plunge. I had a feeling everything felt too good to be true.
The internet worked flawlessly today, fast efficiently. Woke up and the news was on the telly; my dad having his breakfast.
And then it happened... I wouldn't have realized it save for my desire to call up the CRB company to check what's taking them so long with my application form- 9 weeks now... Am I a criminal? Is it 'cause I is brown? Probably not, let's face it...
But that's all inconsequential now. As I dialled the number in, I waited. Nothing. No ringing, no message, nothing. I looked at the number I'd typed in.
Ah! I typed it IN wrong! Whoops. It ended with 811, not 911. So again, I typed it in, correctly this time.

And again, nothing.

Not even a dial tone. Why? Had I made another mistake? No, I double checked the number, everything was fine! Why?!
And then I realized. I fought hard against the idea, trying to think of all other possibilities but eventually, it came to be the only possible outcome. And panic, sheer panic, undiluted and deep down in the centre of my being, began to set in.

Virgin Media has begun to cut our services...

They begin with the phone line, effectively halting the easiest form of communication, cutting us off from the rest of the world. They then aim for the television, hitting where it hurts, the centre of our living room; the direction of all our furniture. And then... Finally, when we have but ONE... LAST... REPRIEVE!!! Our internet. Our friend, Our ally, Our lifeline... Just as we cling on to the little shreds we have left, the little reason they have left lingering within our grasp for us to carry on living....

Well, I felt I should say this now, before it gone for good. This is that moment. The insecurity. The knowing that ANY SECOND NOW... If I BLINK!!!!!! They could snatch it away! If I take too long to POST THIS!!!! They could take it......away....

And so begins the eleven day wait before our BT phone line. And THEN we order the new internet package.

Suffice to say, blogging will probably be on hold for a while... =(

Go... Enjoy your internet....


  1. NOO!!!

    Go to an Internet Cafe!
    Use your iPhone. I mean what use is millions of apps when you can't even blog?
    Jack someone's wifi!!

    Just do something!!!

  2. It won't be 11 days. It'll NEVER be 11 days, you'll be waiting for about a month.

    You need to use your iphone net with your laptop. Tethering I think it's called.

  3. Have an iPod touch, not an iPhone and can't tether with that. However, we did just go out and buy a mobile broadband thing to tie us over for the next ELEVEN days....

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