Monday, 15 February 2010

helpusobi 1

In my pursuit for a course to study some time in the future, I've come across one labelled "Discovering Architecture".

It is described in this way:
London is full of historical and modern buildings, many of great quality. These walks are intended to introduce you to the study of architecture in the broad sense: by looking at, walking around, possibly through, and even touching, actual buildings.

No frickin' WAY! :O
Who are they catering to?!
ACTUAL buildings, you can EVEN touch ACTUAL buildings!!

Ahhh, I'm still cracking up at that!

I can't type anything any more, my fingers are figiditing to get back at that god awful Star Wars game. There's a dude called.... Ah what's his name..?
Something Jones, who keeps laming on everyone. I need to get my grove back so I can school him. I feel like a veteran of this game. I was inches away from saying:

"Back in MY day, we used to not allow kicking in duels...."
Duels.... Damn man, this game is LAME... but SO damn addictive!!!!!

It pains me that this computer I've built with nothing but the best peripherals available at the time (save for the processor, which, ultimately is pretty damn good, was nonetheless a bit of a mistake- I should have gone for an Intel rather than an AMD... BUT!! And this is a biggie, Intel have their R&D department in Israel... So I did good) including a quad core processor, a graphics card with 1gig memory, 4 gig of RAM, a terabyte of hard disk space, loads of other stuff I don't want to go into.... all on what?! A game that was released a decade ago? When this sort of system performance wasn't even possible...


I'm frustrated, so I'm gonna load the game up and take my frustration out on some fat American fanboy. He knows who he is....

In the meantime, why don't you go ahead and comment some?


  1. RIGHT. Obi Wan Kanobi is awesome, the aswesomest jedi, who became one with the force between episode 4 and 5, after being killed by Darth Vader at the end of episode 4.

    In the Star Wars game I'm playing, it's a code to enable cheats in single player mode.