Monday, 15 February 2010

Those pesky videos

The videos were a little too wide for the layout of the blog, so I'm just posting this to shift them down.


Oh yeah! While you're scrolling down, what do you think of the new site layout? Pretty nice right? I'm still questioning the black backround, makes things seem... odd. I dunno.

Carry on scrolling...

.........And what about the title? I drew it on Facebook's Graffiti App! In fact there's a video in an older post, what do you think?

....I quite like the black. Don't give me your opinion on it, I won't listen to it.

Unless your opinion is that MY opinion is a good one. In which case, yeah, good stuff, keep thos opinions coming.

Oh LORD, I went shopping with an old mate the other day. Cool right, even went to H&M which I quite like. But we didn't even step into the men's section. No, we had to shop for an 8 year old girl. Not ONLY did we have to shop for an 8 year old girl, we had to shop for an 8 year old girl who's roughly the size of a 6 year old girl! Which meant picking something NICE for her was even tougher. I'm telling you, two dudes, walking around the kids section of H&M, and moreover, the GIRLS section of the kid's section of H&M... Can NEVER look heterosexual. Never ever! Quite easily stepping into the territory questionable intentions. Not at all cool. Anti-cool. Like... Swelteringly not cool.

To make thing's worse we were dressed REALLY well as well.
And we had to get her an Outfit, so we were there trying to match a pair of jeans with a shirt with a sort of cardigan layering the items ontop of each other, shaking our heads, running backwards and forwards. The whole scenario was incredibly emasculating.

OK! I'm done with making you scroll!
It's late, yes I know. And yes, it IS because I've been up all this time playing that god damn Star Wars game. Which I'm getting PRETTY good at... CTF, I kicked ass. FFA, pwned some noobies.

God! I need a LIFE!!!! :O

I reckon that's enough space for the videos to have been shifted lower than the sidebar...
But just in case, I'll type for one or two more lines.
Umm, so yeah, what's new?
My niece is around! It was sooo cute when she came home from the Tate Modern today and when asked, what did you see? She replied:

We saw pictures and sclulp-chas.

When asked to explain what a scupltrue was she looked puzzled for a moment then said:

They... are... shapes and... big and.... funny.


kuchi kuchi kuuuuu!!!

ENOUGH of this yakking, if the videos are still all out of whack then wait till I have something to AcTuaLLy talk about. I'm surprised if you managed to get all the way here without stopping. You must like me! You must REALLY like me!!! :O

Go burn some more hours of your life on some inconsequential happenings that will invariably end up being unimportant. I love you really.

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  1. Have you watched this film called "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People"?

    Quite a funny film.