Monday, 8 February 2010


WHO would have guessed that doing a Google search for "iPad tampon Britain" would bring up this blog as the first result. Sweet.

Number 1 of about 667,000 results, no less.

Thank you student from Davidson college in North Carolina, my first university visit from the states.

What else is popping? Ah I'm listening to some songs by Usher. Good... God. He incorporates ordering Chinese food, taking out the garbage and walking the dog in his song "Trading places". Now don't assume that because he sings about these things, it's a song about trading places with... a random person with a dog who likes Chinese food. No, no, it's a love song.

He just seems to ramble in his songs. Like he's just vocalizing a stream of consciousness.

Here's a glimpse at his artistic wordplay:

First see the city skylights shining from my room,
You're such a sight to see in the month of June,
Beautiful like the moon...

No no no no no no no no no no no no no.
That can NOT be serious lyrics in a REAL song. WTF?!

Crazy dude. But I love "Love In This Club Part II".
Ahhh Beyonce.... Drool.

I liked Sherlock Holmes. But I'm biased on account of having a man-crush on Robert Downey Jr. since Iron Man. Oh how I want that suit. I've seen that film so many times it's just not a number I should ever confess to.

More than one digit though...

I went to the hospital today, which was, well... Going to the hospital is never great. So I was waiting for my mum to finish being scanned and I decided to read a booklet about the possibility of inheriting cancer.

You can't.

But you CAN inherit genes which make you more susceptible to getting cancer. But just because you may have a predisposition, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the big C. It varies from different types of cancer. For instance with breast cancer, women who inherit a particular type of gene have an 80% of developing cancer. Inversely though, those who inherit a particular type of gene that is related to (I THINK it's) pancreatic cancer, have a 10% likelihood of developing cancer themselves. Either way, the booklet said, if you have two close relatives from the same side of your family who have suffered from a similar type of cancer you should perhaps go get yourself checked for an inherited gene.

There are, however, only a limited number of cancer related genes that can be checked for. So not all cancers have genes that are related to their occurrence- or their genes have not yet been discovered.

I only got halfway through the surprisingly thick booklet before the Doc sent my mum back to me. And it was such a thick booklet it felt like stealing if I took it away with me. Instead I put it back and googled Macmillian, the company that published it. Good company, if you're a charitable person, consider donating to them, cancer is a disease suffered by as many as 1 in 3 people but it affects everyone. I'd give you the low down on them, but you can google the name yourself.

I got a new - :) Iron man has begun playing on my iPod (yeah, I downloaded the soundtrack, and what?!) - bicycle machine here. I used it properly for the first time yesterday. What a flipping awesome workout. I don't know if this is good, or if I'm out of shape, but I rode 15 kilometers in half an hour. So like, 30km an hour. It was well hard!

Work out you lazy retards! Don't use anemia as an excuse for your lazy-ness. You're not anemic. You're lazy, just like every other Asian. Get your heart rate up!

No, you're anemic, I'm joking, of course you are. In which case, you should try having some iron. Spinach. Oooh, know it all, you already know about Iron? Then try having your spinach with an orange since Vitamin C helps your body do something with Iron, which your retarded body can't seem to do naturally like the rest of ours! :-P
Or, tomatoes, which apparently have more Vitamin C than oranges. CrAzY stuff...

Enough advice form me, I started writing this like 4 hours ago and have just kept adding crap and I'm afraid my net is inches away from crapping out. Damn Virgin, just a few days left with these twats. Go do something new with yourself! Have a carrot! I have to now decide what to title this thing...

...shut up.


  1. LOL! Wow, that bit you said in the post about the thing at the middle was hilarious, i'm so happy to comment here......

  2. Yeah, discourage me... Then who's blog are you gonna be pressured into reading once a week?