Friday, 5 February 2010

New Facebook. Again.

Facebook's new layout has me feeling a little dizzy, so I'm avoiding her. That's right, facebook's a chick. Why? Because she changes like, every half hour, she's all up in your face about everything, can't keep a secret and let's face it, want's ALL of your attention ALL of the time.

I love women. Facebook's just a needy one.

I like needy women too, ahh, look I've become all apologetic in case any of you ladies feel that I've offended you! Stop it! It was a GOOD joke, don't guilt me into killing her. That's right, my joke was a female. Why? Well, it looks good naked, was irrationally judgmental and carried on a little too long.

Oh no he dint!

Ah, enough of that topic, it could go on forever!
What's new? It's valentines day soon! I haven't done anything for Valentines for so long I can't even remember the date for sure. One annoying thing is that there's adverts for it EVERYWHERE! M&S need to be more considerate, when shitting out another one of their ad campaigns, of those people who AREN'T in relationships and don't want to be bombarded with crap. Crap crap full stop.

Grr. I played Tekken 6 on the PS3 the other day. What an absolutely FAN- wait for it- TASTIC game!! Honestly, I was mesmerized to the point where I delayed our plans to go out by a good hour. Fortunately, on this occasion I had the leeway to do so, it was my 21st and for some reason I've been treated quite kingly. Which was nice.

My brother bought me two things, one a set of cuff links which are just the snazzyest thing's I've seen. Can not wait to get a shirt for them. XD. And the second thing has been taken to a Royal Mail depot because the mailman couldn't wait long enough/ ring the bell enough times for someone to answer the door to pick up the parcel. Maybe it's a shirt? I dunno. I have to go pick it up from the depot. Which closes at 1pm. What the hell time is that to close something? That's around the times things should BEGIN opening! What kind of over-heads are they working with that they can only keep a depot open for like 4 hours a day!? I went today at ten past 1 and they'd already locked up, put the shutters down, turned the lights out.

TEN Minutes!!! What the hell?! They were sitting there ready to pounce on the lock or something. And it's not as if they could say they'd had a long day. FOUR HOURS!

Grrr. I hate the system. Which is the reason behind my downloading of stuff online. Not because I don't want to pay, but because I want to overturn the system and reset the paradigm.

Erm, so yeah, loads of DVD quality movies being torrented from fantastic website. Torrents FTW!! Fo shizzle.
I just downloaded the most perfect quality DVDRIP of Sherlock Holmes. Got me hungry for more. So right now I'm in the process of getting Fanboys. Kristen Bell is in it. As a girl who likes star wars. Seriously, anything better than that? A Girl. Who happens to be Kristen Bell. Who likes Star Wars?! Holy crap, that's like... Phwoar.

Here is Kristen Bell in all her glory.
Just Awesome.

I re-watched The Hangover while I was waiting for the latest episode of Supernatural to download today( Which only took like 15 minutes but Hangover just kept me watching) I just wanted to remind all of you who have watched it what a funny movie that was. How absolutely hilarious it was without delving into the precariously easy to nose dive into romantic comedy genre. In fact little attention was given to anything soppy, regardless of the fact that it was based around a dude getting married.

Funniest part? Would be difficult to decide but I've come away with one part in particular- when the fat guy with a beard can't pronounce the word retard.

LOL! I love it!

Anyway, I'm gonna work out where the notification section is in the new face-fook. You go work on your tan. Or something.


  1. 1. FTW? Fo shizzle? More hypocrisy creeping out of a hypocrite like you

    2. You mention about Tekken 6. Are you sure you never meant it is a fanboy game and not a fantastic game?

    3. The notifications i in the tope left corner bruv

  2. Dude, you take things too literally. I know where the notifications are. I was just generally meaning, get used to the new Facebook.

    Tekken is awesome, it's just an awesome, awesome game and the fact that you're unnecessarily accusing me of fanboydom means YOU are probably thinking, "oh well, it's nothing compared to street fighter, it's nothing compared to mortal kombat, it's nothing compared to sonic tennis...etc." Which in turns means YOU are feeding into fanboy-ness; I'm simply commenting on a good game.

    And what's wrong with me typing in a particular way?! You freak me out everytime you call me a hypocrite man! It's a little creepy. Once or twice is cute.

    you're a mean bitter old man, twisted because you never went to war like the heroes that defended ol' Blighty and were labled a coward by towns women and the youth who inherited this great nation left to us by the braver of our fathers. You sir, are a twat.

  3. HAHA!!!

    Bruv! I don't have Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. You mentioning those games in reaction to my accusation of you being a fanboy PROVES your fanboy-ness.

  4. What did you get then? What was the parcel?

  5. I don't wanna say, it's so embarrassing. Suffice to say, I hate Virgin...